Our system consists of three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Within each one we cater different subjects according to the level of each student.

Below you will find a brief summary of each level which we believe will help you find a comfortable place to start learning...

 Let´s start !!!!




At this level you will learn language skills to understand and use everyday expressions such as asking for and giving information about yourself and your family, needs and daily tasks (weather, dates, habits, routines, shopping, work experience, hobbies and interests, etc.) as well as describe, in simple terms, aspects of your past.

The beginner-level student will be able to understand frequently used expressions and perform simple and direct communicative exchanges about everyday habits and actions, and also start understanding written texts.




The learning at this level is based on the understanding of the main aspects of written and oral texts with progressive complexity, from texts related to work, study or daily life, to abstract or technical topics.

Intermediate students will be able to communicate with sufficient fluency and they will have the ability to write clear texts about their plans, aspirations, desires and opinions, as well as describe point of views and experiences in different verb tenses.




The advanced level learner demonstrates the ability to use the language fluently. You will develop creative writing skills and work up the capacity to understand and process a wide variety of oral and written texts regardless of its length or complexity.


Advanced students will

be able to express themselves fluently, spontaneously and without apparent effort in a wide variety of contexts, whether social, occupational or academic.